Why Vlog with Nusplash? 

The Problem and How We Will Make A Difference!

Working with Millennials and Gen X is very exciting and requires us to be as creative and innovative as possible. All of our amazing energy will pour into a space where young people are creatively, divergently, critical and analytically thinking. One of NuSplash’s core values is centered on creating educational opportunities for youth that enhances their ability to contend in a competitive world. When our students select a topic and research news sources to vlog about, they are using all of these thinking skills, simultaneously. 


The act of vlogging allows students to enhance their oral presentation and public speaking skills. It also allows them the opportunity to interact and connect news with technology, a much needed revival in a dying industry.  With our guidance and instruction, these students will gain many of the key skills needed to compete in this generation’s competitive world. They will also understand news, how to create responsible news content and identify valid news sources to support opinions. Together, we are going to change Millennials and Gen X experience with news and how they will responsibly create and report news in the technological society we have transitioned into. Up next: The Millennials and Gen X!  

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Changing Lives

"I have been working alongside Nusplash since 2014 and I must say, I have seen this group change live from giving away coats to the less fortunate to giving school supplies to the youth."

— Donovan Mafnas, Impact Volunteer

The Solution

In order for individuals to make positive lifestyle decisions that will change the future of urban communities, they must be equipped with the information to do so. By engaging youth in our vlogging program they will develop:


·      Empowerment of the World Around Them

Youth that are equipped with valuable information can make strategic decisions about their community.  These decisions usually affect the outcomes of progressive resolutions and solutions.

·      Leadership Skills

By being involved with the research process , which is involved with creating valuable and accurate news information, youth will gain quality leadership skills.  These leadership skills will allow them to create the domino effect, influencing their peers, ultimately changing the climate of their communities and future experiences.

·      Educational Experience

The skills that students attain while in the NuSplash Vlogging Program will help them as they progress through other areas of their educational journeys.  Students that have journalism experience have an overall higher GPA than non-journalism students.  Minority student’s benefit greatly from receiving journalism experience.  They receive higher grades in collegiate English courses than non-journalism students. 

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