Our Mission:

The Nusplash Vlogging Program

The NuSplash Vlogging Program is an opportunity for youth to become engaged in journalism and create valuable news stories.  Students gain information and education about their communities, as well as the world around them.  This opportunity gives youth access to expanding their current understanding of social issues, domestically and internationally.  The NuSplash Vlogging Program will enhance student’s level of thinking, understanding of news and overall intellect in several ways.

 Program Highlights:

Technology based program


Public Speaking

Oral Presentation

Exploration of social issues

Innovative fun!

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Why Vlog with Nusplash?

The Problem and How We Will Make A Difference!

Working with Millennials and Gen X is very exciting and requires us to be as creative and innovative as possible. All of our amazing energy will pour into a space where young people are creatively, divergently, critical and analytically thinking. 

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Nusplash in the Community

NuSplash believes that a life rooted in service is our human duty. Our organization has worked with partners like McDonald’s, Target, Walmart, Dominos and other major brands and community partners in producing several community events in Paterson, N.J. 


About Us

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NuSplash, established in 2013, is a nonprofit organization, where we focus on education, community, youth, and events. Our goal is to introduce information to our audience in a manner that enhances the quality of their lives.  Education is the vehicle that we use to introduce our innovative program, The NuSplash Vlogging Program, to youth in underserved communities

We believe that educated and informed individuals make better decisions concerning their communities, families and overall lives.  We create programs for youth to have an outlet to become intimate with the world around them, by introducing them to current news and allowing them to create news stories.  Our team embraces technology as another vessel that gives the ability to empower youth through news and vlogging. We have a vested interest in enhancing communities through creating educational programs and events that invest in advancing  the intellect of young people. If there were one star that illuminated all the skies across the entire universe, it would be called NuSplash!